What Do You Need to Prepare Before Taking the NABERS Assessment?

NABERS is short for National Australian Built Environment Rating System. It measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of Australian buildings, including tenancies and homes, and its impact on the environment. It does this by using measured and verified performance information, such as utility bills, and categorizing it in their star rating scale from one to six stars. For example, a 6 star rating demonstrates market-leading performance, while a 1 star rating means the building or tenancy has considerable scope for improvement. 

Are you aiming to get a 6 star rating in your NABERS assessment? If you are, then  here are the information you need to prepare for: 

1. Rating Type

  • Tenancy – tenanted space 
  • Base building – central building services and common areas 
  • Whole building – combination of a & b 

2. Finding an Accredited Assessor

  • All of the Accredited Assessors are in the NABERS website (www.nabers.gov.au). Only the assessors in this list are qualified to give your office an assessment. 

 3. The Rating Application Process

  • The Accredited Assessor that you employ will calculate and submit your rating application with the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). After verifying your application, OEH will produce a rating certificate within two working weeks from receipt of the application.  

4. Data Requirements for the Application

Energy consumption data or the amount of electricity in kWh or gas in MJ consumed. 

  • Your office needs to provide copies of the utility bills for all sources of energy consumed, such as electricity, gas, LPG, coal, oil, etc, in the last 12 months. 

Net lettable area or the space being rented or all the spaces of the building.

  •  Your office needs to provide current layout plans of the premises that is based on Property Council of Australia (PCA) publication “Method of Measurement for Lettable Area” March 1997, the BOMA 1989 or BOMA 1985 Method of Measurement. If the documents are not current, have it prepared by a registered surveyor.  
  • Your office also needs to provide currents lease documents that includes number of computers, hours of occupancy (hours per week of 20% or more normal peak occupancy), list of managers’ names and contact details for survey. 

Water consumption data or the amount of water consumed inkL or m3. 

  • Your office needs to provide copies of the bills for all externally supplied water consumed by the occupant(s), central services, landscaping and common areas of the building in the last 12 months, including mains water, bore/well water, externally supplied recycled water (potable and non-potable) and dam/river water. 

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