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We Are Hiring!


The Senior Fire Protection Engineer is a key member of our organisation responsible for leading and supervising fire protection engineering design across various projects. This position involves design, assessment and validation of fire protection systems, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and bolstering safety protocols within built environments.

The Senior Fire Protection Engineer will collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams to integrate fire protection strategies seamlessly into project designs and provide expertise on all aspects of wet and dry fire protection systems.


Fire Protection System Design: Lead and supervise the design and documentation of fire protection systems for buildings, in compliance with relevant codes, standards, and regulations. Perform design calculations, undertake design reviews and provide documentation for complete fire protection system installations.z

Leadership and Mentoring: Role model our values and contribute positively to our team culture. Recognise and highlight positive culture contributions within the teams. Encourage and role model interdisciplinary collaboration. Provide advice and support to assist the team with workflow, workload, and project queries. Ensure the team is aware of, complies with, and upholds technical standards and project requirements. Remain up to date with current codes, regulations, and engineering best practices.

Client Management: Ensure client briefs are correctly interpreted and are in focus during the engineering process to maximise efficiency and minimise rework. Manage project delivery end-to-end, capturing any variation to project scope, and communicating all resourcing requirements and project milestones to the engineering manager. Manage client expectations and concerns.

Account Management: Support the Discipline Leader – Fire Protection Services to actively promote our capabilities. Foster relationships with clients and support scoping prospective projects utilising technical expertise and industry know-how. Engage new clients into the firm and identify opportunities with current clients. Maintain a professional LinkedIn profile and market yourself as a professional in your field.

Collaboration and Communication: Foster collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams, stakeholders, and external partners, facilitating effective communication and coordination to drive fire protection measures into building designs and construction plans effectively.

Learning and Development: Stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in Fire Protection, and commit to continuous learning and professional development activities.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay current with relevant industry regulations and standards, ensuring that Fire Protection practices align with industry guidelines.


  • Successful implementation of fire protection systems in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.
  • Recognition as a leader in fire protection engineering within the organisation and industry.
  • Effective collaboration with project teams resulting in the seamless integration of fire protection measures into building designs.
  • Positive feedback from clients, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders on the effectiveness and reliability of fire protection systems.
  • Continued Improvement in Fire Protection design delivery and execution
  • Project delivery improvements to reduce overall time and hence cost.
  • Projects managed effectively to meet expected timeframes and target dates.


  • Extensive experience in project leadership and fire protection design in the Australian building services sector
  • Experience coordinating design disciplines.
  • Good understanding of Building Services.
  • Excellent communication both written and verbal with all stakeholders
  • Excellent understanding of Australian building Codes & Standards
  • Strong rapport building and negotiation skills.
  • Strong organisation and time management skills
  • Open, supportive, and accessible for team mentoring and advice.
  • Good command of both written and spoken English.
  • Employ excellent communication skills to work effectively with Project teams.
  • Degree / Diploma or similar recognised qualifications in Fire Protection services
  • Industry registration, or the necessary experience and qualifications to gain professional registration/status.