WalkerBai Welcomes New Fire Engineering Team Members

WalkerBai Consulting is excited to introduce the latest additional members to our Fire Engineering Team. With a combination of youth and experience, we now have greater capabilities to deliver Fire Engineering Services. 

Wayne Krueger  

Wayne Krueger, is our new Senior Fire Engineer. He has a Diploma in Management from Strive Training Australia. Wayne finished an Associate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Queensland University of Technology. He is an experienced Fire Engineer who specialises in Power Fire Protection, Fire Suppression Systems, and Fire Alarm.  

Wayne has 7 years of experience in consulting, and 14 years in installations and service. He has a total of 21 years of expertise in Fire Protection. Wayne has project experience in different sectors such as Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Retail, and Health. He had responsibilities on technical and engineering support in the business.  

Wayne’s technical expertise is the site compliance, performance testing, facilities management, project estimation, and risk assessments. He is known for being very keen and attentive to details. In addition to that, clients have high-regards to Wayne as he is smart and capable of providing practical fire engineering solutions.  

Tristan Goode 

Tristan Goode is about to complete his Masters in Fire Safety Engineering in 2018 at The University of Queensland. He has honed a set of skills which focuses on implementing fire-related codes and standards and preparing fire reports. Tristan was able to develop his specialties through studies and research programs.  

Tristan’s specialties are CFD Modelling, Fire Engineering Briefs and Fire Engineering Reports. 

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