WalkerBai Consulting and Tweed Shire Council’s Successful Project

Walkerbai Consulting and Tweed Shire Council’s Successful Project

WalkerBai Consulting proudly shares its successful project with its client, Tweed Shire Council. WalkerBai’s professional team impart a long-term projection of energy cost saving strategies without compromising occupant comfort in the premises.

Tweed Shire Council gets the full-service consultation of WalkerBai Consulting for the expansion and full upgrade of Tweed Heads Library. The project focused on the Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, and Hydraulic systems of the establishment.

WalkerBai designed the use of 20Kw Solar PV system to reduce CO2 gas emissions and to be able to cut high electricity costs due to the solar panel.

Our mechanical engineers achieved the new Rooftop High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Units to bring more comfort to the building occupants.

Our mechanical engineers achieved Australia’s first D-shaped hexagon profile fabric duct system. It is lightweight and easy to install. It also provides quality distribution of air and is cost efficient as well.

WalkerBai Consulting remains true to its promise to provide high quality services to its clients. We value the trust we have built with our partners through our team of experts in different fields. WalkerBai will continue to serve and fulfill its client’s needs.

Read more about the Tweed Heads Library Renovation.

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