NABERS Improvement Roadmap

We have developed a systematic approach that can be applied to existing buildings to improve the NABERS Rating. We will take a holistic view with regards to all building elements that impact achieving the NABERS target. Our systematic approach involves the following Steps:

  • Step 1 – Validate
  • Step 2 – Assess & Prioritise
  • Step 3 – Implement
  • Step 4 – Measure and Analyse

We will discover and utilise the potential of all existing systems and assist with the implementation of the most cost-effective measures to improve the overall sustainability as well as financial performance.


The validation process will include:

  • Undertaking a desktop review of all services related drawings, specs, maintenance routine, BMS control strategies, etc., in order to fully understand the operation of the building.
  • Detailed site inspection of all services related systems to identify their shortfalls and opportunities.
  • Conduct a holistic review of potential improvement solutions to be discussed in the next phase.


The validation process will include:

  • Table the proposed priority list and discuss the validity of each initiative.
  • Assess priority list with the commercial context.
  • Refine the priority list to develop actionable projects that can be implemented by the project teams.


The implementation process will include:

  • Mapping out the pathway to the NABERS target.
  • Scoping projects to implement the high priority sustainability initiatives.
  • Further site audits and detailed reporting where required to further develop proposed initiatives.
  • Assisting with the implementation of projects where required.


The follow up analysis will include:

  • Measuring and verifying the outcome after implementation.
  • Oversight of the tuning and continuous improvement until the target is achieved.
  • Desktop review to analyses the outcome



Paddy O’Sullivan

State Manager QLD – Sustainability Services

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