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Jae Eichorn

Associate Hydraulic and Fire Engineer

Jae is a highly skilled Hydraulic Services and Fire Protection Design Engineer with a wealth of practical experience. Prior to working in the engineering field, Jae gained valuable experience as a Plumbing Contractor. He demonstrates exceptional proficiency in collaborating closely with key stakeholders to achieve outstanding outcomes.

His design expertise covers a wide range of sectors, including Commercial, Education, Healthcare, Industrial, Sports and Transportation Facilities. Jae’s strong leadership abilities, passion for engineering, and focus on meeting client requirements contribute to the successful implementation of cost-effective and sustainable engineering solutions. Moreover, he is actively pursuing an Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, demonstrating his ongoing dedication to expanding his knowledge in the field of building services and urban infrastructure.

Jae is a member of the AHSCA (Australian Hydraulic Services Consultants Association), IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers Australia) and is registered with the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission).