How to Determine If You Need a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate

A Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) sets out the energy efficiency rating of a building or area of a building that is offered for sale, lease or sublease. 

Questions to Determine If You Need a BEEC

  • Do you own or manage a building that is 1,000 square metres or more?
  • Is it being used or capable to be used as an office?
  • Is it for sale, lease or sub-lease?

If you answered yes to these, you might need a BEEC.

The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Programs obliges them to have an up-to-date Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC). This is also in compliance with the  Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010. 

Owners and lessors are not allowed to sell or lease or sub-lease a building unless they have a valid and current BEEC registered with the Building Energy Efficiency Register. A BEEC is necessary from the day the building or space is first offered for sale or lease, until the time when it is no longer offered for sale or lease. In addition, all advertisements regarding the sale or lease must contain the energy efficiency rating for that building in the applicable Building Energy Efficiency Certificate. 

There are two prerequisites to obtain a BEEC by the building owner or lessor: 

  1. Prevailing NABERS energy for offices rating. 

The NABERS Energy rating on a BEEC includes a star rating and annual building energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission details. 

2. A current lighting assessment for the building or tenancy.

The tenancy lighting assessment measures the power density of the installed general lighting system of affected buildings 

In addition, the BEEC will contain a general energy efficiency guidance statement.  This statement is uniform and not tailored for each building. 

Only CBD accredited assessors can apply for a BEEC on behalf of building owners, sellers or lessors. 

How Often Do I Have to Renew My BEEC?

The validity of BEEC is for 12 months, wherein both the NABERS energy rating for offices and the lighting assessment for the building or tenancy are up-to-date too. If one is expired, then BEEC ceases its validity. 

It is important that owners and lessors make certain that their BEEC is valid during the entire process of leasing and selling period to avoid losing validity for sale or lease. 

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