Giving Impact Through a Project with Future Fitouts

As part of WalkerBai’s commitment to giving back, we have partnered with Global Giving Initiative Buy1GIVE1 or B1G1. They are the leading business-giving platform that have been helping small to medium businesses make a difference in the world since 2007. Their database contains hundreds of projects that were meticulously screened and aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, which companies can choose to support.  

 WalkerBai has pledged to contribute to these projects for every client that we work with. 

Recently, we were able to create a giving impact through our project with Future Fitouts. This company transforms commercial spaces into efficient and productive areas for their clients. This project made it possible for WalkerBai to obtain 1 legal document for a Vietnamese child.  

Obtaining 1 legal document for a child in Vietnam means providing identity to this person and consequently, recognizing that he or she belongs to a society that honors one’s human rights and provides access to education, health services, social services and labour market services. This legal document not only gives identification, but also, safety and access to basic needs. 

 Due to this work together, WalkerBai and Future Fitouts not only transformed the space of their client, but also changed a child’s life permanently.  

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