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Francis Huang

Associate Electrical Engineer

Francis Huang is an Associate Electrical Engineer.

Francis has over 10 years of experience within the building services industry with a background in electrical engineering, leading small to large complex multi-disciplinary projects. Keeping abreast of the latest building services technology, challenging his knowledge with technical experts for each minute detail to ensure the most suitable technology has been catered for each project to the client’s needs.

He provides high level guidance as a subject matter expert for projects through either technical or project advice. Providing directions and initiating training and develop needs for each team member he mentors with the ability to project lead multi-disciplinary projects.  He is accountable for the smooth delivery of each project and manages the project team to achieve this. He works closely with relevant stakeholders to actively drive the business including establishment of new and maintenance of existing client relationships. Francis is a result orientated team leader, able to sustain a fast paced work environment, with the ability to prioritise tasks and lead a team to suit strict timelines.