Accent Lighting

Accent lights, from its root word, are used to “accentuate” certain areas or items. They create a subconscious sign that says “look at me”. These lights are usually used with recessed ceilings, or spotlights to guide the attention to displays and paintings, whether on the floor, or on the wall.


Accent lights come in the form of track lights, sconces, and floodlights, to name a few. They change a simple space to an interesting area with a curated atmosphere.

What are Accent Lights? 

Accent lights are not only for decoration, their main purpose is to give emphasis to a certain area or object. You can try different textures and colours to come up with the perfect combination. You can choose your accent lights depending on your personal preference. Accent lights play a significant part in setting the mood of the space.

Accent lights normally highlight a specific object. It could be a plant, wall painting, bookshelves, canvass, photo frames, and cabinets. You can provide accent lighting with various types of fixtures, however they are typically spotlights or downlights.

Where is it Best to Use Accent Lights? 

Here are some tips on where it is best to place accent lights, to intensify the things that you want to be accentuated in your room or space.

  • You can use accent lights to illuminate the wall frames in an office or reception area.
  • You can aim the light fixtures to architectural objects or works of art.
  • Another way to use them is to install them as track lights in the hallways or corridors. 
  • They can be also installed as Downlights or Uplights in the corners of the room.
  • You can put the accent lights in cabinets with an interesting commemorative piece as a focal point. 
  • You can affix the accent lights to wall frames and cabinets. Lights can be pointing to a bookshelf or a personal collection in your office. 
  • Accent lights can give warmth, and provide a relaxing environment. You can install the lights focusing on a decorative art or flower bouquets. 
  • Accent lights are beautifully used as interesting downlights in pool floors and on garden paths or walkways.

What You Need to Know About Accent Lights 

  • Accent lights are designed to accentuate a specific object in a room, however they are not intended to illuminate the entire room. 
  • If you need flexibility, you should install track lighting, to allow the fixtures to move positions. 
  • Choosing the wrong color can ruin the ambiance of the environment.  Be sure select the right colour temperature for the application.
  • Accent lights intend to highlight the best feature of a room or a single object. It will look more stylish if combined with another type of lighting such ambient and task lighting. It serves more on emphasizing a certain accent piece. And with that, one should be careful in selecting the right blend or color mixture. 

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